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the west. Clear

max - 5.5
min - 16.2

Blowing a strong gale all day from the West.
Cut enough wood to tide us overnight.

max - 12.0
min - 24.5

On awakening this morning it was blow-
ing a gale from the West, so we stayed in
bed and slept longer. About 2 P.M.
the wind went down so we cut some wood.
Open water seen to the E.E. & S. West.
Calm & clear. 11 P.M.

max -10.8
min - 25.5

All hands arose long before daylight and I &
Galle hauled a load of wood. We then went to the
S.W. on the ice about 3 miles to open water.
Two & possibly three seals were seen and Crawford
got a shot at one and missed. While standing
at regular distances along the lead two ducks
flew along the lead from the East and [at]
about 100 yds from me and seemed to be
feeding, at least they stayed for about 15
minutes and then flew West; I would
liked to have got a shot at them but I
did not think there was the least chance
of a hit. As near as I could tell they
seemed to be "Odd Squaws" at least they
were about the same size. It was very cold
and blowing strongly from the West and no

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