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max -9.0
min -17.0

Blowing still this A.M. so stayed at
camp. When getting dark the wind stopt
and we cut several days wood. Just be
for dark water sky appeared to the
S.W. of camp. Now (8 P.M). Light air
from the N. Cloudy. The woman is
doing wonderfully well.

max -12.5
min -25.0

Arose early this morning. Galle intending
to visit his traps, and I intending going to
the other camp. While eating breakfast a strong
gale arose from the East with thickly drifting
snow. Had to stay inside. Galle is working
on a wind gage. The woman is doing
wonderfully well, baking, cooking, washing
dishes, and sewing. Clear over head.

max -7.5
min -17.2

1 fox
1 fox

[Galle, Milton Harvey Robert, 1902-1923|Galle]] to his traps. One fox. I went to other camp and
found that a bear had been in their camp this
morning while they were asleep but before
they got out it had become frightened and ran
away. Maurer got one fox. The snow on the beach is
very rough for the last blow has made some
enormous drifts. Open water all along the
horizon. Clear, cold. Light haze from the East.


Spending the day doing nothing but eating

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