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she should make. I told her mitts & socks
and she started getting sinew ready for
sewing. She worked at that until supper
and I told her she could also eat xxxxx
now sewing industriously. Hope it lasts,
but think it doubtful. I intended going
to the other camp today to haul wood, but
the weather was too bad. About 3 1/2 hours
of day light now.

Max +19.0
Min -6.0

I went today to the other camp and hauled a
load of wood for them and on the way home I
hauled a large load for ourselves. Galle went to
his traps. No luck, altho he saw a few fresh tracks.
The trappers at the other camp have not caught a
thing sofar, and it has been some time since they
saw a fox track. After the heavy fall of snow
yesterday, sleding is difficult. In all places
the snow is at least ankle deep and quite
often knee deep. The traps I set along the
beach some time ago, I looked for today, but
could not find a one. There is just enough of
the bear Galle killed to last one more day and I
have been rather close in feeding. No open
water in sight today. If there is open water to

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