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young ice. When Galle arrived home from his
traps he found the woman and her two
suit cases ready to depart for the mountains.
As I arrived home, some time later, she
came back, minus the suitt cases but
with a pack on her back of things she
had removed from the aforsaid suit
cases. She had cached them inland
some where. Galle found as she was
leaving that she had a great amount
of dried figs and some hard bread which
he let her have. We refused to let her
in the house unless she would promise
to sew, and as she would not promise
she is out side in an old snow-house
I made some time ago. The weather is
warm and calm and no harm can
befall her. No open water in sight. Light
breeze from the East. Cloudy & warm

Max + 22.5
Min -5.0

Blowing hard all day from all directions between
East & West and snowing very hard. Stayed
in camp all day. The woman was allowed to
come in the house this morning and after
sitting around in the same old way I told
her that she would have to sleep outside
after this if she did not work. A few minutes
after she came to me and asked me what

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