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like the good dog he is, he did not leave the
trail once. But the best news of all was the news
I received from Galle. Coming home about
an hour before me he saw a bear along
side of the house eating some walrus skin.
He shot once and hit the bear which, however,
did not stop until Galle fired again, the
bear being by this time on the ice. The bear
was skinned and cut up when I got home.
About a 2 year old female, poor and nothing
in the stomach. I saw one fresh fox track.
and Galle Clear over head, but blowing a
strong gale from the N. with drifting snow

Max -11.0
Min -35.0

Blowing a gale all day from the W. The new
dog house was about full of snow, and we dug it
out, cut some wood and kept inside. Now
(11P.M.) wind going down some. Cloudy & cold.

Max -20.0
Min -33.0

Blowing a strong gale all day from the East
so did not go out of the house

Max -5.0
Min -33.0

I went to the other camp today, taking them some
bear meat, and hauled some wood for them.
Galle went to traps but got nothing. He saw a
bear out in the ice but before he could get within
shooting distance, the bear turned out on the

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