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today to find the reason. Cloudy, warm,
& calm. Looked for the dogs.

Max 3.0
Min -2.8

Galle went to his traps. No luck. I went
to mine, excepting one, which I could not find,
and also had no luck, altho I saw a couple
of fresh tracks. Nothing but mopes from the
. Cold, clear, & calm

Max 0.0
Min -19.0

Galle to his traps. No luck, but saw two
fresh tracks. I went to the other camp
and helped them cut up some big logs xxx
about a mile this side of their camp. Re-
turning home I saw four fresh fox tracks. Brought
home a load of wood. No change in the female.
Clouding up. Warmer and light breeze from N.W. N.

Max - 12.0
Min -23.0

Galle and I hauled wood today. In the
afternoon it started to blow from N.W.W.
and is blowing a light gale with drifting snow.
No change in The "Seamstress"

Max -4.0
Min -14.0

Galle & I went to traps. No luck. I have
some traps inland and as the tundra is very
level the only way I can find them is by
following my former tracks, but to day it
was so cloudy and dark that I could not
see them and had to give it up. Blowing
a strong breeze from the N. Open water seen

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