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watched diligently, they have not seen a seal. (Paragraph symbol) As I was
leaving camp this morning. The woman had to be forcibly
thrown off the sled, altho yesterday she stated that she
would not go to the other camp again, she still refuses
to work and therefore is going without meals, altho
Galle and I know that she has all she wants to eat
while we are gone. I saw a raven here this morning.
Clear, colder and calm.

Max - 5.0
Min - 19.0

Galle went to traps but got nothing. Saw one fresh
fox track and a bear track about 2 days old. I
could see no chance to do any sealing as the lead
seems to be frozen over so I put out some traps to
The East, along the beach. I saw one fresh fox track
The woman just sits and mopes and still
refuses to do anything. Light breeze from the N.E.
Clear. Saw a raven today.

Max - 4.0
Min - 17.0

No open water to be seen this morning so I set out
some more traps in land. No fox tracks. Galle went
to his traps but no luck. No fox tracks seen by
him. The woman is sitll moping. Will not answer
us when we speak to her. Calm, cloudy, and warmer

Max 1.0
Min - 17.0

Galle and I remained in camp all day. No
open water. Cut wood, carried ice and did
various small jobs about the camp. The
is still mopeing, and I indevored in vain

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