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pair of skin socks apiece and all have,
excepting Galle, a pair of skin mitts
apiece. For the last two days the female
has absolutely refused to make a pair of
mitts for Galle and tonight she
goes to bed supper less. A few
minutes ago Galle caught her stealing
some hard bread and I refused to let her
eat it. She certainly is a trial to ones
patience. No open water in sight. Cloudy all
day but now (9.15 P.M.) Clear and cold. Slight
breeze from the N. N. W.

Max 2.0
Min -10.0

I went out to open water today, about 1 1/2 miles
out from the beach. The only way I could get
near the water was by going out on a point
drawing of water and ice on the beach of ice which was badly broken up
(marked by cross) This young ice
was only 10 inches thick and
rather insecure. At the same time a very
strong breeze was blowing off shore and
after staying on this point an hour I've
turned home. The lead was so wide that I
could not see the ice on the other side and
quite a sea was running in it. I did not
see a seal, but crossed 2 old bear tracks and
3 or 4 fairly recent fox tracks. Galle went
to his traps but got nothing. He returned

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