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seem to be very hungry when she arrived here
Galle to his traps. No luck. Strong breeze
from N.W with a little drifting Snow
Clear & Cold

Max --
Min 7.4

I took Crawford to his camp today with
the dogs. Some time during the night the
ice went out for about a mile, leaving a
strip about 1/2 mile wide on the beach at this camp. At the
other camp the ice left the beach entirly. Go-
ing and coming I could not see a sign
of a seal. Will spend the day tomorrow
at the lead. Galle to his traps. No luck.
The woman has done practically nothing today
except wash a few dishes. Crawford asked
her this morning if she intended to run
away again and she said "maybe." She
wanted to go to the other camp with us (as
usual) but when we said no, she was as
usual disappointed. Cold, calm, & clear.
Cooked for the dogs today.

Max 1.0
Min -1.0

Galle and I overslept this morning
and it was after noon before we finished
breakfast so we cut a large amount of
wood and rebuilt a part of the roof
of the stormshed which had settled and
I cooked dog feed. All of us have one

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