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a night gown and a suit of underwear.
All day yesterday the weather was bad, blow-
ing a light gale from the East with drift-
ing snow, which continued all night and
today, turning colder some time during
the night. Crawford and I will follow
the tracks tomorrow with the dogs. No
foxes in Galles traps. Strong breeze from
the East. Cold, drifting snow.

Max 14.0
Min 6.5

Crawford and I hitched up the dogs this
morning and followed the tracks Galle had
formed yesterday. After traveling just an
hour West, we saw something dark on the
harbor to West and by aid of the glasses
saw that it was "the lost one".She was
walking very slowly toward camp with her
usual camp clothing on over which was a
double Siberian native reindeer suit, making
her look like, from a distance, an inverted
sack of spuds. Under her outer garments was
a suit of underwear and a night gown. We
bundled her on the sled and brought her
home, where she now sits, moping. Crawford
tried to ascertain what her objective in leaving
was and where she had been but to no avail.
She did say, however, that she had taken a
few hard bread with her, and she did not

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