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The woman moved back in the house today
saying that it was too cold in her snow house.

Max 14.8
Min 6.9

1 fox
All hands at general duties. Galle at his
traps. 1 poor fured fox. I have left out the
entry for but nothing of importance
happened on that date. Yesterday and today
I have cooked corn meal for dog feed. No
open water and the land bare of snow.
Strong breeze from the East. Cloudy and warm

Max 21.3
Min 14.1

Galle to his traps, but caught nothing. The
rest of us at various duties about camp.
Blowing a strong breeze from the East. Warm
& cloudy. Cooked dog feed

Max 25.5
Min 16.5

1 fox
Some time ago Maurer found a walrus
carcass about 2 miles west of camp.
As we have been out of dog food for three or
four days I hitched up the dogs today and
brought it home. It was this carcass of a
3/4 grown female and was nearly eaten,
excepting the skin, by the foxes & bears.
Today Crawford had some trouble with
the woman but I was away at the [hike]
and do not Know the details, so will
leave to Crawfordto set down in his
diary. Galle caught one fox. Cut wood
and skimmed the walrus. All day
it has been sleeting and is very

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