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Max 11.2
Min -5.2

All hands busy at various small jobs about
camp. The sea is covered by rough young ice.
Fresh breeze from N.E. Clear.

Max 17.8
Min -7.5

Blosing a strong gale from the N.E. Unable to
do any work out side. All the ice left the beach

Max 15.0
Min 1.0

All hands went with the sled & dogs to our
two caches of bear meat to the Westward. The
large bear & cub killed by Galle & Maurer was all eat eaten by birds and foxes. The first
bear, Killed by Maurer & I had all been packed home by us excepting the head and neck
which we brought. Also hauled some wood on
the way to camp. Only scattering cakes of ice
to be seen. Blowing fresh breeze from East
with drifting snow. Cloudy & warm. The
land is practically barren of snow but as soon
as possible the auxillary trapping camp will be

Max 23.8
Min 5.5

Inside all day. Blowing a gale from
the East with drifting snow. A little young ice
came in during the night. Very warm and the roof
of our house is melting. Cloudy.

After making the entry last night for yesterday

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