Status: Incomplete


Max 18.8
Min -1.5

Spent the day putting supplies in stormshed
and getting camp in shape. Light Breeze from
West. Ice forming slowly on this salt water
Cold & Clear.

Max 21.5
Min -1.5

Crawford made a table for the Kitchen. Maurer
made door for the front tent Galle and I
did various necessary things xxxx about camp.
The house is rather cold as yet but we are
doing various things to make it comfortable.
Light breeze from the N. Cloudy & warm. Very
little ice in sight.

Max 10.3
Min -3.5

Mauer at work on other door. Crawford on
table for living tent. Galle striaghtening up
about camp. Myself busy at necessary things
for our comfort. Cloudy & warm. Light breeze
from the North. Young ice forming on the sea

Max 12.5
Min -2.0

Crawford making furniture. Maurer & Galle at
work on door. Myself busy making sealing
gear. Warm, cloudy and light breeze from North.
Young ice came in during the night.

Max 15.3
Min 7.5

After a rather late arising all four of us
went to one cache of meat about 1 1/2 miles to
the Westward and brought home around

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