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as the bears we have killed formerly and as
usual, and empty stomach. Calm. cold and
the sea rapidly freezing. Crawford had a
fit or spasm today, with greatly distended
pupils and distorted features. He turned
deathly pale. Unconcious for perhaps 30 seconds.
Hope it does not occur again for it did not
look good to me, or the rest of us.

Max 22.0
Min -2.0

1 raven
Crawford and Galle took a walk today to the
west ward and did a little exploring. We had
and idea that we were perhaps nearly to the
west end of the island but they are sure
that they saw a mountain at least 30 miles
farther west. We think now that we are a
little East of Doubtful Harbor. I shot one
large raven. Calm and clear. The sea is
covered with young ice.

Max 10.2
Min 2.8

1 Bear

I took a walk today a couple of miles
East along the beach and found the cub bear
that was wounded and got a way Oct 11.
He had taken to the water and had drifted
on the beach when I found him. General
duties. Calm and clear. Ice forming rapidly.

Max 25.4
Min -0.7

Spent most of the day sawing and split-
ing wood. The ice is milling about and

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