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The linament for she "was afraid of me (Knight)
and had seen me sharpening my Knife in
the morning; and several more things too long to
relate here. The fact is, we have treated her as
well as any one could be treated and my honest
belief is that her mind is not fully developed
for she acts, so it seems to me, like a child of
8 or 10 years of age. We will watch her and take
good care of her. Not knowing what she may
do in the future I am setting down these
facts as is Crawford, and he is keeping the
notes to show to Mr. Stefansson. She seems t
be Grounding but we cannot find out the
reason. A very heavy surf. General duties.

Max 32.5
Min 11.5

This morning Crawford + Galle started to pack home some
bear meat but when close to the camp carcass they saw
a bear. Crawford sent Galle to camp for Maurer and I
but when we got to the place where the bear had been
we saw Crawford in the distance comming our
way. He told us that before we arrived that the bear
had seen him and had started west ward. Crawford
followed and got a long distance shot at him but
the bear travelled faster and got away. Our seam-
kept Crawford awake all last night asking
for protection, saying that she was afraid of the
"other men." Every time she sees one of us
sharpening his Knife she asks "if the

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