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Max 34.2
Min 26.4

All hands busy at general duties cutting
wood etc. The afternoon Crawford and Galle
brought home another ham from the bear
Killed a few days ago. Several foxes seen
today. We are still waiting for a chance
to haul logs for our winter quarters. Not
enough snow and too much surf. Blowing
a strong breeze from the N.W. Cold.

Max 34
Min 24.5

All hands went this morning with the dory
to haul logs for the house. When about
half loaded the surf became so bad that we
were forced to beat a hasty retreat, greatly to
our dissapointment. However enough logs were
procured to erect the two end uprights and the
ridgepole and part of the roof. Shall make
another try tomorrow. We erected a 340 foot
flag pole and hoisted the Union Jack. I
have always understood that this Island was
hard to reach by ship, but from all in-
dications it is no harder to reach that
than any southern port. For nice clear
sailing in Northern waters, this cannot
be excelled. There seems to be some
friction between Maurer + Galle but I
will do my best to ease matters be-
tween them for a small party like this

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