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quite of a few) and crackling crumbs. There
is no sign of ice and the prospect for seals
looks rather gloomy until the ice doe come.
There are a few seals about but they stay
a long distance from shore and the surf
is so heavy and the dory so hard to pull
out that it is not advisable to go aftl
after them. I think that they would sink
now. Light breeze from the E. S. E. with
occasional flurriess of snow. Cloudy.

Max 37.0
Min 24.8

1 Bear

Just after breakfast galle went up on the bluff
near our camp and saw a bear about 2 miles
inland Maurer and I took after him and shot
him about 2 miles West of camp. He was a full grown
male with a rather good skin which we carefully
saved. The carcass was cut up and eached and will be
hauled home when the xxx weather permits. Enough
was carried home by us to feed the dogs in the
mean time. Occasional flurries of snow from the
West with a strong breeze. No sign of ice as yet.

Max 31.5
Min 24.4

1 Owl

All hands busy about camp at various duties.
This afternoon I hitched up the dogs and started
eat east to bring back a 4x6 plank that had
been found a few days previous. About
2 miles east of camp I came to fresh bear
Tracks going East. The dogs imediatly became

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