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dozens of sea gulls and terns. The gulls
are all flying west, no doubt turning
south at some point farther on. The surf
is still running rather heavy and no ice in
sight. There are a great number of white owls
about and a few ravens, but we have
not seen a sign of ptarmigan. Light breeze
from the East and cloudy.

Everybody busy. Galle making tool chest. Maurer
putting supplies in shape. Crawford getting
metreological instruments up and myself
repeating sled and dog harness. One seal seen,
and numerous gulls. A heavy surf numming
and a strong wind from the E.S.E. cold.

Max 37.5
Min 31.5

In thermometer redings be-
ginning at this date, renders
a minus mark (-) preceeds
the reading, the reading will
mean "plus" (+)

All hands busy digging out the side of a
end bank for space to pitsh our winter quarters
We can use one side of the bank for a side
of the house and the roof will be sod. The two
ends will be built of snow blocks. We will
pitch the 10x12 and the 8x10 tents end to
end and will use the small U tent for
a Kitchen and the large tent for living
quarters. I have been feeding the dogs on
cracklings caught in Nome but they
are nearly gone so I had to cook for them
today. Rotten potatoes (of which there are

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