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surf is unceasing so it is very unpractical to
launch the boat. I had a shot at a large walrus
but missed. We all tryed tried our rifles,
and no two shoot alike. One will shoot high,
another low, and still another to the right or
left. We have an Eskimo woman with us
who is busy sewing clothing and she is
doing very nicely. We are now busy stacking
wood and getting quarters ready for the winters

After putting in about 16 hours of hard labor
yesterday we took a rest today and did a
little work which did not take much exer-
ation. Too stiff. Heavy swell from the S. and
a light breeze from the N.W. Crawford took
a long walk inland and Maurer and I went
about 3 miles to the westward and found xxx
great quantities of drift wood. This is a
good place for fuel. A large numb number of
the things I ordered in Seattle did not arrive
and a box of Prunes opened today were found
to be maggoty. Rather a poor thing to do to
a party going north.

A beautiful day. Maurer, Galle and I cut
and stacked wood all day in preparation for
hauling on the arrival of snow. Crawford built
great boxes and and a tool chest. Saw a seal and

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