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more than she cost you. This is
not visionary nor the dream of an
enthusiast but a rational conclusion
deduced from facts, for in the state
of New Hampshire alone, which
owns 30,000 horses, 10,000 have been taken
for army purposes, and in Ohio
the draft is as mutch greater, as the
Buckeye state exceeds the Grannite,
in welath and populations. So,
you will perceive that you have
made a vauable purchase, besides
giving encouragement to brother
and making a man of him. Mother
speak nothing discouraging language
to him, but even encourage him
in reverses. Never strive to crush out
the independence of of childhood
or to break its spirit. crush curb
it only to direct. I saw Brother
Robert the day before yesterday and
he looks as strong and rugged as the
forest pine, Samuel Hankins

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