84 The Bahmins to Alexander; the ills of Heathendom.




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[Typed in margin]
which they
offer to
their gods.
The gods
become not
helpers but
their tor-
them on to
all evils.
Yet they

hearken to

ment for
the ill deeds
of the

The prayers
of the
Greeks are
evil, so that
they are
such be
heard or

All the tor-
ments of
hell are in
the Greeks
their own

And the
bodies of
the Greeks
are a living
[End margin]

of Couetyse ȝe enourne wit roseȝ. Alle ȝour myghte & ȝoure
triste ȝe putt in þam þat may ȝow na-thyng helpe at nede.
Now sothely ȝe pray þam noȝte to be ȝour helpers, Bot
ȝoure tourmentours. For it byhoues nedis be þat, als many 4
goddes als ȝe wirchipe & gyffeȝ þam powere of ȝour lymmes,
als many tourmenteȝ ȝe suffere. Ane of ȝour goddes stirres
ȝow to fornycacion. Ane oþer to ete & drynke to mekill, and
anoþer to feghte & stryffe. All ere þay ȝour lordes, and to 8
þam ȝe obey & serues and wirchippes. So þat wonder it es
þat ȝour wrechid bodys fayles noȝte for þe many seruyceȝ þat
ȝe do to so many goddes. And gud riȝte it es þat ȝe serue
swilke goddes bi-cause of þe many wikkede dedis þat ȝe do.
And for ȝe will noȝte ceese of ȝour ill dedis, þarefore ȝe serue
swilke goddes till ȝour awenn harme, For euermare þay desyre
þat ȝe do ill. If ȝour goddes here ȝow when ȝe pray to þam,
þay do ȝow harme in ȝour conscience. For þat that ȝe pray 16
fore es ill. And if þay here ȝow noghte, þan ere þay contrarye
to ȝour desyres. Whare-fore whethir þay here ȝow, or þay here
ȝow noghte, euer-mare þay do ȝow disesse. Ƿise ere þa¹
tourmenteȝ þat oure doctours talde vs offe, þat here in this 20
werlde tourementȝ ȝow as ȝe ware dede. For, and ȝe consyder
wele, þare may no man suffere wers tourment þan ȝe doo.
For all þe takens þat oure doctours tellȝ vs ere in helle,
and we see þam in ȝowe.² Ƿare are many paynes in helle, 24
ȝe suffre paynes when ȝe wake for to do advowtres, forny-
cacions, & thiftes, man-slawghters. And namely, þat ȝe bee
filled of werdly reches; ȝa, & of worldly rechesse. For oure
doctours says, þare es in helle so mekill thriste, þat it may 28
neuer be slokend; and ȝe haue so grete Couetyse of worldely
reches þat ȝe may neuer be full. Ƿay say also þat in helle þare
es a hunde þat es callede Cerberus þe whilke hase thre heuedes;
And if ȝee conseder ryȝte, ȝour wambes are lyke Cerberus. 32
For mekill etyng & drynkkynge, þay say also, þare es³ in
helle a maner of nedder þat es called Idra. And ȝe for þe
many viceȝ, þat ȝe hafe bicause of ȝour full wambeȝ may be
callede Idra. Whare-fore & we bi-held wele all þat 36

¹ MS. reads þa.
² in ȝowe inserted in the right-hand margin by the same scribe.
³ MS. twice over, þare es.

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