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communicacion with Godd, And neuer-þe-less files ȝour kynde

wit advowtries & fornicacions & seruyce of Mawmettis & false

goddis, and many oþer wikkede dedi : ilke a day þis ȝe do.

4 Ƿis ȝe luffe, and þarefore when ȝe ere dede ye sall suffere tour-

mentis wit-owtten nowmer. Ȝe wene þat Godd will be mercyable

vn-to ȝow bi-cause þat ȝe offre hym blode & flesse of dyuerse

besteȝ. Bot we on þe contrarye wyse luffeȝ clennesse bathe of

8 Body & of saule, so þat we mowe hafe after þis lyfe ioy þat

neuer sall hafe ende.

' Ȝee serue noȝte a God þat regneȝ in heuen, Bot ȝe do seruyce

to many false goddis. For als so many membris, als ȝe hafe on

12 ȝowr bodys, als many goddis ȝe wirchipe & serues. For ȝe calle

a man þe lesse werlde, and riȝte as a man here hase many

lymmes, so ȝe say þare are many goddes in heuen. Ȝe say luno

es godd of þe hert, bi-cause he was wonder angry; and Mars ȝe

16 say es godd of þe breste, bi-cause he was prynce of Batells.

Mercury ȝe calle godd of þe tung, bi-cause he was wonder

euloquent in spekyng. Hercules ȝe trowe be godd of þe armes,

Bi-cause he did twelfe passande dedes of armes. Ȝee trowe

20 Bacus be godd of þe throtte, for he fande firste drounkynnesse.

Couetise, ȝe say, es godd of þe lyuer, for he was þe firste lechoure

þat euer was. And ȝe say þat he hase in his hande a byrnand

fyrebrande whare-wit he styrres þe luste of lechery. Cereris

24 ȝe calle godd of þe wambe, bi-cause scho was þe firste Fynder

of wheete. And Venus, be-cause scho was moder of lechery, ȝe

say scho es godd of þe preuee membres of man & woman.

Mynerus, bi-cause scho was fynder of many werkes, ȝe say

28 wisdome risteȝ in her, and þare-fore ȝe call hir godd of þe heued.

And on þis wyse all þe body of man ȝe deuyde in goddes,

& na party þareoffe ȝe lefe in ȝour awen powere. Ne ȝe trowe

noȝte that a godd þat es in heuen made ȝour bodys of noghte.

32 False goddes ȝe wirchipe þat sall brynge ȝow to thralledome

& schame & schenchipe, and to thaym ȝe make sacrafice &

tribute payes. Vn-to Mars ȝe offere a Bare. To Bacus ȝe

offere a gayte; To Iune a pacoke; To Iubiter a Bulle; To

36 Appollo *a swane¹; To Venus a doufe; To Mynerua ane

owle; To Cereris floure; To Mercury hony. And Hercules ȝe

onowren wit floures & grene braunches of treesseȝ. Ƿe temple

[Typed in margin]
their own
kind with
foul sins
When they
die they
shall suffer
pain and
their slain
beasts avail

The Greeks
serve not
one God
but many.
They have
for every
a god.

The ac-
count of all
the Greek
gods and
their evil

Thus they
give all
their body
over to
gods, not
ping the
but rather
false gods
that bring
them into
* Leaf 35-
The sacri-
[End margin]

1 Bottom of leaf 34 swanne, top of leaf 35 swane.
[End footnote]


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