Tuesday, November 6, 1923




A cloudy bad day. Ben
went to Renan. He was one
of the judges of the election.
Jim stripped tobacc [sic] most
of the day. Lee B. come for
me and Jim went with us
to Renan. Mr Kent brought
us home. Mrs Kent voted.
Mabel and I fixed to go
if any one should come.
I bought some cloth
to make Mabel some
dresses of. Kate was
at the store. I was glad
to see her.
Ben has not come
home yet. I am
anxious to hear from
the elections.
The chimney burnt
out tonight. It scared
the children some.
It is raining hard now.

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I have heard a chimney fire described as a loud as a train going passed to I don't blame the kids for being scared. Was the chimney made of bricks (which could have cracked) or stone?