Thursday, September 20, 1923




A good day. The men moved
some tobacco this morning.
This evening Ben made
some boards. Jim went
to the saw mill.
Evylin went to Gretna.
Nellie lost all the milk
tonight. The bucket handle
come out. Edna went
to Mr. Bookers and got
milk for the baby.
I went to George Blains
to the missionary meeting.
There wa[sic] several of
the neighbors there.
I was glad to see
them. I don't belonge
with them. Several
of them were my
grand children.
I did enjoy my self
fine. Mrs. Edmons brought
me home. I was glad.

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The fact that there was only one bucket of milk suggests that at the moment they are only milking one cow or that there are two or more but they are going dry. I don't recall her churning for a while and in a day or so she buys butter so they do not appear have much milk. Also, there apparently was none on hand from the morning milking.