Wednesday, August 29, 1923




A good day. A little
rain. Could work most
of the time. Carrie made
preserves and pickles today.
I peeled the peaches and
got most of the dinner.
Carrie sewed some.
I worked the button
holes in two blouses.
I got a letter from
home this morning.
They were all well.
Marvin has bin
fireing on some
tobacco all day.
Carrie went to
Mr McLau[gh]lins.
She though[t] that
she would invite
Mrs. McLau[gh]lin to
come and spend
the day but there
was no one at home.

Notes and Questions

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I don't see a McLaughlin entry in the "people" section. The 1930 census shows a number of families in Pittsylvania County and we had some in Halifax when I was growing up.