Tuesday, August 21, 1923




A good day and very
hot. Ben is not able to
work today. He brought
me to Gretna and to
Marvins this evening.
Mabel come with us. Ben
carried Nellies trunk
home. Jim and Claud
Fitz was comeing from
the store. This evening
Franklin went to Mr.
Bookers. Booker commenced
to cut tobacco today.
Henry B. and John Ward
helped him. Lee Brumfield
is at Marvins. Tonight
he is trying to find
out a bout the
election. Carrie was
makeing some
jellie this evening.
She has peaches
to can. She has nice snaps.

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I do not see Claud Fitz in the list of people. The 1920 and 1930 census listings show him living in Bacon in Charlotte County.