Friday, August 3, 1923




A good day most of the
day. Had a shower just at
night. Ben hauled some
logs for him self this
morning and helped Norman
Booker this evening.
Jim spent the day a
way from home today
for the first time in a
long time. He went to see
some [parties?] for Lee.
He come home ok. I was
so glad. Edna and Mabel
had company this evening.
[E]ula and F[?]l[?]ery Mayhew
come to see them. I think
they had a fine time.
Franklin went to
Mr Bookers and staid
most of the evening. The
paper tolde of the
P[?]sadens death. That is
a sad ending to his

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The 1920 census lists Eula Mayhew as being 14 and she had no younger sisters. I could not identify the other Mayhew. Warren Harding died Aug. 2, 1923 in San Francisco