Sunday, January 14, 1923




A cloudy day. Rain tonight. Josie died this morning 20 minutes after three oclock. Denia and Mollie and Kate Mrs. Booker Mrs Edmonds & Mrs. Kent was here. They all done what they could to help about what was to be done. Jim Johnson went to Gretna and got a casket a very nice one. There has bin several here today. Two preachers Mr. Hogan and Mr. Jenings(?) ??? and Otho and Sallie and Mrs. Thomson are here tonight. Oscar Eade and Hellen and Doris Brumfield come tonight and brought flowers. Mrs. Car ? has been upstairs most of the day.
Heard tonight that Olas boy is better. Hope he may get well. Carrie and Reese and the baby come 15 until 8 oclock.

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I find it almost incredible that someone could bring flowers in January back then.