Thursday, August 7, 1919




A day. The men folks
pulled leaves. Edwin Brumfield
helped them.

John & Christenia Brumfield went
to George Blairs this morning and
to Lee Brumfields this evening.

Josie got dinner this evening.
She worked on Edna a dress.

Mrs. Owen went to see
her brother to day.

This evening I went to the
corn field to see if there
was any snaps. I could not
get any. I think all concidered
they have got the sorriest crop
I ever saw. I know they
worke and tried but it is

I went to Marvins
a few minutes. Alma
come while I was there.
I feel age and infirmities
so much and hear so much
complaint a bout things that
no one can help that I cant
hardly stand it.

10:10 oclock

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