Monday, June 23, 1919




A cloudy day. Rain tonight.
Ben cut his oats to day.
Jim come home from
Chatham to night. He come
with Johnson Reynolds.

Mrs. Owen come a while
this evening. Brought her new
baby Benjamine Franklin.

I went to George Blairs
this evening. They were getting
up their wheat.

Mr Charley Hutcherson
was planting corn this evening
on wheat land.

Isla Blair & Cordie was
gone to Ren Worshams

10 oclock

Ben bought a sack of
ship [?] stuff from Irvin Lewis.

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

What could "a sack of ship stuff" be?

Linda Tucker

On January 10, 1920, Julia wrote, "Ben went to Gretna for ship stuff."

Linda Tucker

I was mistaken; she wrote that entry on March 10th, not January. And on the 27th of March, she wrote, "Charles Harvey come & brought a sack of ship stuff home." Whatever ship stuff is, it seems to come in sacks.

Ben W. Brumfield

If you're sure from other contexts that the phrase is "ship stuff", I'm going to link it. If we ever figure out a definition, this is certainly worth a footnote!

Neil Brumfield

Biggle swine book : much old and more new hog knowledge, arranged in alternate streaks of fat and lean ~COPYRIGHT, 1898
WILMER ATKINSON Co. ~ The pig, the rent payer of Europe, the
mortgage lifter of America" ~ I know of
no food better, if indeed as good, for sick hogs than
ship stuff, or middlings as it is sometimes called ; it
seems to digest easily and is soothing to the bowels.
~ Ship stuff, shorts - byproducts in the milling of wheat. Once religated to chicken and hog feed, they are now favored for human consumption. The term refers to the ease of shipment of the light weight and undemanding goods. Mary Ann and I disagree on whether or not we mixed the ship goods in the slop bucket or not. Google ("ship stuff" hog feed)for more information.

Neil Brumfield

Any way to correct a note?