Tuesday, March 11, 1919




A cool windy day the men
folks put on the canvas for their
plant beds this morning and cut &
mauled this evening.

Kate Harvey
come a few minutes to day. She eat
dinner with us. She brought me
some homony. I went with her
part the way home. I carried
Edna & Franklin to Marvins and
Carrie looked after them while I
went to Posie Reynolds and got some
turnip salit.

We heard to day that
Tom Lumpkins and Tom Johnson
was dead, one of them at Danville
and one at New Port News.
Johnson Reynolds went to Danville
to be at Lumpkins burial.

Jim got a letter from Nellie telling
him that Mr Walker is very

Jim & Ben walked over
to the store at Renan to night.
Mr Lewis was not there so they
come home soon and went to bed.

10 oclock

I finished pickin the 1919 crop of cotton to night.

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