Friday, December 5, 1919




A day that all could work.
Jim & Ben and Mr Owen sawed
then went to Marvins and
cut some feed.

Josie got dinner. She made the
sausage for Jim and her self.
Bettie Haley (col) helped to cut
the fat up and grind the
sausage. I dried up the lard
and strained it out.
Bettie wshed the faces and feet.

Heard to day that Mrs
Richard Wooding has a son.

Sallie Blair taught school
in Miss Smiths room today.

Mrs Car sent Bessie Callans
a ring. She got it today.

Mr Owen went to the
mill today. Brough me some
brand. Jim & Ben & Josie
played cards to night.

8 oclock

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