Wednesday, October 15, 1919




A good day. Jim & Ben
loaded their tobacco on Mr Mayhews
truck ready for Danville.

Josie come down to dinner
to day.

I went to Marvins a
little while this evening.
Mr McCray come and was
going to stay all night
at Marvins.

Dr Owen examined Ben
this evening. He is going
to take insurance.

We heard to day that
John Hutcherson is very sick.
We are all sorry to hear

I woun a tangled hart
to night.

11:45 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

What could that last sentence mean?

Linda Tucker

Yarn can be wound in a heart shape. Since she often wound string and fabric scraps for the children to play with, I assumed that she had done something similar with knitting yarn.

Ben W. Brumfield

So is she noting it because she's disappointed that her heart came out tangled-up, or that she's proud that she wound a Tangled Heart?

Neil Brumfield

"Wound a tangled hank." A hank of yarn or thread used for crocheting or knitting.

Linda Tucker

I think Neil's eyes were sharper than mine on this one! Good for you for solving the mystery.