Sunday, September 21, 1919




A good day. We all staid
at home until after dinner,
then Ben & Jim went sloes
hunting. I went to Mr
. Mr. & Mrs. Peak
was there. Miss Alice and
Miss Willie Wooding come
over there.

They had plenty of grapes
at Edmons's.

Marvin and Carrie went
to see Dr Wiggonton &
Pearl this evening.

Rees & Smith & [?] and
Emet Brumfield come here
this evening.

Henry and Edna went
to Sunday School to day.
Marvin carried them.

Jim Brumfield went with
Reese Smith home tonight
to stay a little while.

8 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

I wonder what sloes hunting is?

Linda Tucker

Mabel told me a while back that sloes are a wild berry rather like plums. I think it might be the fruit that flavors sloe gin.

Neil Brumfield

Daddy and Mama would take us Sloe picking on the hills around the gravel quarry (on Mr Edmon's land) and near the indian wier in the river on the south side of Highway 40. Sloes are wild grapes that grow on a vine. Seems to me we also picked hazelnuts from bushes at the same time.