Wednesday, September 17, 1919




A good day. Ben & Owen and
Jim finished cutting corn.

Josie made Edna a dress and
made some pickel of pears that
she brought from her mothers

Marvin went to the saw mill
twice today. Carrie washed
some and ironed. William and
Hattie Gilbert (col) picked

I wrote Fannie Emerson
a letter today. I went
to Marvins this evening.
Edna and Franklin went
with me. We came by the
orchard and picked up
some apples.

8:45 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

This may have been addressed elsewhere; if so, I apologize. At least twice now I have seen (col) after someone's name. What does that mean?

Ben W. Brumfield

I believe it's shorthand for "Colored". She sometimes writes that after William Gilbert's name in 1919.