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have to argue the menace which would be created if Russia should actively
combat any move on the part of the Allies which might be mistaken as an
aggression against her national rights. Every German propagandist in
Russia would talk loudly of Allied Imperialism, would play upon racial
feelings and would have a rather effective argument for the acceptance
of ostensible German friendship.

After all what practical results could be obtained by inter-
vention in Siberia? Remember that the Japanese action because of geograph-
ical conditions would be necessarily confined to the zone of operations which
lies 2,000 miles further away from European Russia than does the United States.
Remember too that the military supplies at Vladivostok have remained secure
after four months of Bolshevik control and have been unharmed and that the
Chinese Government has already taken over the control of the railroad junc-
tion point at Harbin which in turn gives complete control to that portion of
the Trans-Siberian Line running to Vladivostok. If as might easily result
the Japanese action arouses the antagonism of the Russian people it would
require months before Japan could get in touch with German operations in
Russia. Under these circumstances the suggestion that any intervention in
Siberia will check Germany's plans in Russia is rather ridiculous.

Russia will be saved by her own people provided the Russian
people have the support of their allies and provided a constructive policy
is adopted cooperating with the Russian people and supplying them with
material assistance with the objectives of re-creating the Russian military
front and the development of a real antagonism in Russia against German

The possibility of a unification in Russia against German
influence is forcibly brought out by a cable dispatch from Petrograd this
morning stating that the Petrograd Committee of the constitutional democratic
party expresses itself as follows:

"All the Calamities of anarchy are not to be compared with the
enslavement of the country by a foreign enemy. The defense of
the country and conclusion of peace must be conducted in associa-
tion with our Allies, and this national task can only be accomplish-
ed on a national scale, taking into account not the interests of
classes and parties, but the needs of Russia as a whole".


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