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to the leading Chiefs and Warriors of the several
Nations and that without letting either of them
know what the other or others of them had received
and without taking any Vouchers whatsoever for
the same the nature of the Expenditures being such
that such vouchers were not expected or ever required
as this Department verily believes and that the said
Sir William Johnson had in the several Nations
some trusty and confidential Indians whom he
always well rewarded for giving him the earliest
intelligence of the designs of any other Indians that
were unfaithful or evilly disposed by which means
he counteracted their designs and often prevented
great disturbances and Quarrels that otherwise might
and probably would have ensued with his said
Majesty's Subjects on the Frontiers and among the
Indians themselves. And this Deponent further
saith that the engageing the Indians to take the
field in time of War with the King's Troops support=
=ing their familys in their absence making treaties
with and purchasing Territories from them for
the Crown and settling disputes between them and his
Majesty's Subjects in the different Provinces which
frequently happened on account of the encroachments
the latter made on the Indian Lands required large
sums of money the Expenditures of which must and
did greatly depend upon the Honor and integrity


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