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their Alliance with his said Majesty and in friendship
with his subjects or could have carried so great a num=
=ber of Warriors of their Nations into the field with his
Majesty's Troops every Campaign from 1755 to the final
reduction of Canada in September 1760 on which
event all the Indians within the Northern District
came under the Superintendency of the said Sir
William Johnson. And this Deponent further
saith that some years after the Conquest of Canada
an unfortunate War commenced between some of the
foreign Nations of Indians and the Subjects of his
present Majesty King of Great Britain on the
Frontiers which was in a great measure put a stop
to by the Exertions of the said Sir William Johnson
and his influence with the friendly Indian Nations.
And this Deponent well remembers his having been
present at divers Treaties held by the said Sir William
Johnson with the Indians seeing them receive many
and large presents in both money and Goods that
Sir William Johnson from the time of his appoint=
=ment to the Superintendency to the day of his
Death constantly exerted himself and faithfully
with great Skill, frugality, and good management
executed the many Arduous and important
uties of his Office and thereby kept the different
Nations of Indians firm in their Attachment to
his Majesty and at peace with his subjects and
with each other in doing which he often
and frequently in the most private manner gave presents

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