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Robert Adams of Johnstown late County of Tryon
and Province of New York in North America Mer=
=chant maketh oath and saith that he was intimately acquainted with the late Sir William Johnson Baronet
for twenty-seven Years before his decease which happen=
=ed in or about the Month of July 1774 and for six
years or thereabouts he this Deponent lived with him
as Clerk and kept the Books of said Sir William
Johnson from the Year 1747 and this Deponent further
saith that he was in the Campaign with the said
Sir William Johnson and under his Command in
1755 when he defeated the French Army at Lake
George and took their Commander Baron Disceau
prisoner about which time in Consideration of the
great abilities and services of the said Sir William
Johnson and his influence with the Six Indian
Nations and other Indians his late Majesty of
Great Britain was pleased to appoint him super=
=intendent and sole Agent of Indian Affairs in
the Northern District of North America by which
the care and management of all the Indians in
the British Interest in that Quarter was committed
to him. And this Deponent further saith that
the French in Canada had before made and were
at that time making use of every Artifice to bring
over the six Nations to their Interest. And this
Deponent verily believes and is fully convinced that
no other person but Sir William Johnson could so
skilfully and Effectually have kept them firm in


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