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[[Children]] back, [[Shawanese|You]] will send as many of our
[[people]] to redeem them, and they shall be delivered up-

[[George Walls|I]] have permitted [[a Shawanese Woman|one of your Women]] who
is desirous of seeing you on the occasion to leave her
[[child]] & go with [[Mr. Sherlock]], If [[a Shawanese Woman|she]] does not choose to
return, [[Shawanese|you]] will send one in exchange for her-

[[George Walls|I]] have now told [[Shawanese|you]] the business proposed
and expect [[Shawanese|you]] will consider of it and send [[George Walls|me]] an
answer. [[George Walls|I]] rest assured that my Flag will meet with
protection under [[Men]] and [[Warriors]], who would think
it beneath them to offer violence to a [[Messenger]], under
such circumstance, And hope [[Shawanese|you]] will send [[George Walls|me]] an
agreable answer.-

Made at the [[Falls of Ohio]] the 3d of May 1783
(Signed) [[George Walls|Geo. Walls]] Command.t

A True Copy
(signed) [[A. McKee]]

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