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[[Chiefs]] & [[Warriors]] of the [[Shawanese Nation]]

[[Shawanese|You]] will receive this Speech under the
Sanction of a Flag, which great [[Warriors of all Nations]]
pay the utomost respect to. And which [[George Walls|I]] send in confidence
that you as [[Men]], will receive it with that respect;
and pay attention to what [[George Walls|I]] shall say, which is but
little, and the Business proposed [[Shawanese|you]] may soon determine

Since the begining of the War, [[Shawanese|you]] have taken
a Number of our people [[Prisoners]], and a few of yours
have fallen into our hands who are daily crying to [[George Walls|me]],
and beging to return to their own Nation, Now [[Shawanese|you]]
Know Liberty is sweet to all people, and as we don't
wish to make those miserable whom the fate of War
has thrown into our hands [[George Walls|I]] would be glad to exchange
them for the same number of our people who have
been unfortunately taken by [[Shawanese|you]]: which [[George Walls|I]] make no
Doubt [[Shawanese|you]] will agree to.-

[[George Walls|I]] shall look for my [[Messenger]] back in two
Moons, if [[Shawanese|you]] are inclined to take your [[Women]] and

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