Geo[rge] Walls DS Copy to Shawanese Nation, May 3, 1783; Fort Nelson, Falls of the Ohio

Speech by Major George Walls, discussing the exchange of English for Shawanese prisoners. True copy, A. McKee. IEGOR Lot 705.




[[Chiefs]] & [[Warriors]] of the [[Shawanese Nation]]

[[Shawanese|You]] will receive this Speech under the Sanction of a Flag, which great [[Warriors of all Nations]] pay the utomost respect to. And which [[George Walls|I]] send in confidence that you as [[Men]], will receive it with that respect; and pay attention to what [[George Walls|I]] shall say, which is but little, and the Business proposed [[Shawanese|you]] may soon determine on.-

Since the begining of the War, [[Shawanese|you]] have taken a Number of our people [[Prisoners]], and a few of yours have fallen into our hands who are daily crying to [[George Walls|me]], and beging to return to their own Nation, Now [[Shawanese|you]] Know Liberty is sweet to all people, and as we don't wish to make those miserable whom the fate of War has thrown into our hands [[George Walls|I]] would be glad to exchange them for the same number of our people who have been unfortunately taken by [[Shawanese|you]]: which [[George Walls|I]] make no Doubt [[Shawanese|you]] will agree to.-

[[George Walls|I]] shall look for my [[Messenger]] back in two Moons, if [[Shawanese|you]] are inclined to take your [[Women]] and [[Children]]

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[[Children]] back, [[Shawanese|You]] will send as many of our [[people]] to redeem them, and they shall be delivered up-

[[George Walls|I]] have permitted [[a Shawanese Woman|one of your Women]] who is desirous of seeing you on the occasion to leave her [[child]] & go with [[Mr. Sherlock]], If [[a Shawanese Woman|she]] does not choose to return, [[Shawanese|you]] will send one in exchange for her-

[[George Walls|I]] have now told [[Shawanese|you]] the business proposed and expect [[Shawanese|you]] will consider of it and send [[George Walls|me]] an answer. [[George Walls|I]] rest assured that my Flag will meet with protection under [[Men]] and [[Warriors]], who would think it beneath them to offer violence to a [[Messenger]], under such circumstance, And hope [[Shawanese|you]] will send [[George Walls|me]] an agreable answer.-

Made at the [[Falls of Ohio]] the 3d of May 1783 (Signed) [[George Walls|Geo. Walls]] Command.t

A True Copy (signed) [[A. McKee]]

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(Copy) [[George Walls|Major Walls]] Speech to the [[Shawanese]] relative to exchange of [[Prisoners]]- [Fort Nelson OR Fort Wilson?] 3rd May 1783


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