Harriet DeGarmo Fuller Papers, 1852-1857

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Michigan Anti-Slavery Society Ledger, October 22, 1853 - January 4, 1857

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Sunday May 7th 1854 The Exce Com of the M.A.S.S met at the house of Edwin Comstocks. meeting called to order by Saml Hayball. President. The following members present Viz - Sarah Eggleston Wm Ward. E. Comstock. Thos Chandler. & Ann Hayball. The treasurer report read and accepted. moved and carried that a com of 3 be appointed by president to draft resolutions in relation to I. W. Walkers death. Said Com. Ward, Comstock and Chandler The com then presented the following resolution Resolved 1st That we have heard with emotion of deep grief of the death of our valued friend James W. Walker whose society and labors among us during the few past years have left an impresion not to be effaced by time

Resd 2nd That the transition to another [?] of our indefatigable and devoted fellow laborer has left a void in the Ante Slavery ranks which caused soonn be replaced, and in the silencing of that elegant voice we feel that the slave has lost one of his most effective advocates.

Resd 3rd That [coe] tender to the bereaved and afflicted family the expression of our warmest and heart felt sympathy assuring them that they have been the subjects of our daily thoughts and that from our knowledge of the man and the friend we can in some degree a;ppreciate their loss of the husband and the father.

Resd 4th That a Com counsisting of Sarah Eggleston M R Illender and Ann Hayball be appointed to write to Mrs Walker in refference to her great bereavement and enclose a copy of the resolutions adopted by this Comm. Moved and carried that a copy of the Resolutions be forwarded for publication in the Bugle moved to adjourned to meet at E Comstock on the first Sunday in June next Ann Hayball Sec.

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[top half of page] Sunday Augt 6th 1854 The Exec Com of the M.A. S.S. met at the house of Samuel Hayball. Meeting called to order by Saml Hayball. President. members present "viz" M.R. Illender Thos Chandler. Edwing Comstock. Jacob Walton Sarah Eggleston & Ann Hayball. On motion of Thos Chandler the Secy was requested to draw an order of one dollar on Tresurery for post bill &c procuredd by Saml D Moore of Ypsilante. On motion the Secreatry was req -uested to draw an order of of $5.00 on Treasuer for Giles B. Stevvins. On motion adjourned to meet at the house of Edwin Comstocks on the first Sunday in Sept next at 2 Oclock P.M. Ann Hayball Sec [end top half of page]

[bottom half of page] Sunday Sep 4th 1854 The followin named persons of the Exce Com of the M A. S. S "Viz" Edwin Comstock. Thos Chandler Saml. Hayball and Ann Hayball met at the house of Edwin Costock at 2 Oclock PM there not being a quoron present said members adjourned to meet here on the first Sunday of Oct next at 2 Oclock P.M Ann Hayball. Sec [end bottom half of page]

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Morning Session - Monday Meeting addressed by Mr Lowrie of Saline in reply to C C Burleighremarks of yestoday He claimed that as the object of the United States constitu-tion was to establish justice provide for the common defence and [le cure] the general welfare, as it provides that no bill of attainded shall be passed; and requires congress to make Laws such as all necessary for the carrying out of its provisions it was clearly Anti-Slavery.

C C Burleigh said he would be glad to be convinced that the Constitution is Anti-Slavery and if his friend could convert the United States Court President Pierce and the notion to his docterine a movement should be erected to his memory

Mr Burleigh answered fully the positions of Mr Lowrie and those of the advocates of the Anti Slavery character of the Constitution, generally. He quoted numerous authorities showing the properity of appealing to cotemporaneous history in dertermining the meaning of the Constitution.

Then adjourned to half past two o,clock P.M.

Clossing Session - Afternoon C C Burleigh presented the report in full of the Business Committee. He spoke in defence of the principles of the 11th and 12th resolutions. He exposed the [perfidy] of the Slavery propagandists in the enactment of the Nebraska bill of last Winter. he showed why as Abolitionists we cannot sustain the Anti-Nebraski of Republican Party, We are for freedom in Nebraska, We hold it the duty of the Goverment to Legislate for freedon there, But we do not adopt the motto "Slavery Sectional - Freedom National" Out rallying cry is "Liberty every Where - Slavery No Where"

After remarks by C S S Griffing and others Thomas Chandler the corisponding Secretary read so far as prepared the anual report of the Executive Committee and the Secretary resquested to complete it for publication along with the proceedings of the meeting

The subject of Finance came up some additional donations were made with remarks from Richard Glazier Joseph Merritt, Thomas Chandler, Samuel D Moore and others

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The Financial Committe reported collections and donations ammounting to 274 dollars

The Treasurers report was read and adopted by the meeting There being a ballance in the hand of the Treasure Oct 16th 1854 of $34.56 Due the Society on last years pledges that was not been paid in 313.25 [underscored] Armt [underscored end] Donation & Pledges this year [underscored] 274.00 $626.81 [underscored end] Leaving Six hundred and twenty one dollars and eighty cents on hand in donations & pledges.

The vote was then taken upon the resolutions before the meeting which resulted in their adoption unanimously

C C Burleigh offered the following resolution which was unanimously adopted.

Resolved that this Society most cordially accepts and endoreses the tribute paid to the memory of James W Walker in the report of the executive Comm -ittee and tenders its lively sympathy to his beleaved family in their great affliction.

On motion the following resolution was also adopted

Resolved that the thanks of this Society be given to the people of Adrian and vicinity for their generou hospitalety extended to the numerous Friends in attendance at this meeting

After remarks from Jonathan Walker and a Song by C S S Griffing & J S Griffing the meeting adjourned finally, Cyrus Fullker Pres E Jones Recording Sec James Barnaby Apt Sec

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every Institution every organizationpolitical or eccleastical every association or aside of men which favors or sustains it.

5 Resolved, That the policy of the American Goverment from its organization and through each successive step of its progress so far slavery is concerned has been masked by injustice tyrany and oppression to an extent deserving now and always the execution of all good men who love liberty and desire to promote the highest interest of man; and that now while it is employing its imence power to extend Slavery over the whole land and thus not only making heavier and stronger the Slaves yoke here, but embarasing and disheartening the Friends of freedom in other lands, it proves it self partaker of the spirit of the Old World [despatisms] their associate in wickedness and justly and surely doomed to perish with them unless speedy and sincere repentance and earnest amendment shall avert this doom.

6. Resolved That as American Slavery the sum of all wrongs is in direct anlagonism to Christianity the religion of Absolute right universal good will it is evidently the office of the latter to root out and destroy the former, and as we see that Slavery has grown and still grows and thrives under the influence of that which calls itself Christianity in this country it is plain that either Christianity is not able to over come its enemies or that those who profess to be its expounders have not been preaching it among us, in its purity and power

7. Resolved, That in as much as the admission of one Slave holding member to the government of either church or state is ample evidence that such organization is proSlavery; Wherefore while the Americans union or any branch of the American Church freely receives all slave holders who ask admission as members and agrees that they may Legistate and govern the whole body whenever they have a certain majority it proves itself so unquestionably pro Slavery and so moratly defictive that all honest and intelligent anti-Slavery men are found to withdraw from it and wage against it a moral [work] of excerminations

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8. Resolved, That the act of Congress repeating the restriction on Slavery extensions in the Missourie Corressponence is at once perfidious unjust and Anti Republican hostile to freedom insulting to the north and a grievious wrong to the Slave whose hope of deliveran -ce is postssioned by every enlargement of the dominion of Slavery and consequently both the act and its Authors deserve the stern exprobation of every lover of truth and right

9. Resolved. That we do not mean in condemming this perfidious act to imply the approval of the Missourie compromise as wise of right or favorable to freedom; for we believe it was the oposite of all these; a wrong to humanity a triumph of the Slave power, a recognitionof the [crossed through] Slave power [crossed through end] right of Slavery to occupy and hold possission of Missourie and to reclaim and renslave its fugitive victims even on the so called free side of the compromise line a grant of a new lease of life to the unrighteous institution, a deed of imquity and folly no more at best than partially redeemed to containing a clause which exempted from slavery a portion of unitory the whole of which ought to have been consecrated to liberty forever.

10 Resolved, That the Nebraska and Kansas bills do not repeat the Missourie Compromise burt only that part of it which was its sole redeeming feature; that they undo no position of the pro Slavery work of that compromise but go on to finish in behalf of Slavery what compromise began, and left undone and even forbade to be ever done once all therfore still more worthy of reprobation than was even that unrighteous measure

11. Resolved, That we cannot regard with favor the demand made by some Friends of Freedom for the restoration of the Missourie compromise to its original condition because that would imply assent to the doctrine that below a certain line of latitude Slavery has an equal right with freedom to spread and establish itself ; Whereas we hold that Slavery has no right to an inch of soil or breath of air any where in Gods IUniverse and therefore that the Goverment is found wherever it can Legislate upon it at all to enact

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against it an absolute prohibition unfettered by any conditon of compromise

12, Resolved Nevertheless that we do not rely on the goverment to abolish Slavery for as public sentiment now is energetic and decided antislavery legislation is moreally impossable and even if there could and should be such it could not be enforced

13, Resolved, Therefore that the work now to be done is the changing of public sentiment and this must be done by moral power by the continued proclamation of AntiSlavery truth and its faithfull application to all existing Institutions Laws or organizations which in any way give suport to Slavery,

14 Resolved, That Slavery is not a feature of Law and Constitution, but a spontaneous outgrowth of proSlave -ry, public sentiment, that it existed before any pro Slav -ery law and really gave brth to all such laws and institution which being but creatures of Slavery are without vitality of their own and decive all their power from a pro-Slavery public sentiment

15 Resolved Therefore that it is idle and absured to talk of destroying the creator Slavery by changing multiplying or destroying its creature pro Slavery law

16 Resolved, That as God who is no respector of persons has created all men free and equal with an inaim -able right ot life liberty and the pursuet of happiness therefore upon out anti-slavery platform we prefer no sex or color, we know no sect or party religeous or plitical we recognize no distinction ecclesatical or national; but esteem man as man of whatever hue or sex Land or [time] church or state thus making our Country the world and our Country men all mankind;

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[top right] 41 [top right end] At a meeting of the execitive Committee of Michigan. A. S. S. convened at Bidewells Hall in the city of Adrian, on monday the 16th day of Oct 1854

Present Cyrus Fuller Jacob Walton Thomas Chandler Samuel Hayball, Edwin Comstock Frances S Mott & Elphalet Jones.

After the meeting being called to order it was voted that the bye-laws adopted for last year be Received for this year.

It was voted that the word and accruing between the words President & Recording in Section two of bye laws, be stricken out and the word, or, substituted therefore.

On motion Thomas Chandler, Edwin Comstock, and Jacob Walton were appointed on agency Committee

The meeting then adjourned

E Jones Rec Sec

At a Meeting of the executive committee of the M.A.S.S. at the House of Edwin Comstock in the city of Adrian on Sunday the 5th of [striked through] Oct [Striked through end] Nov 1854

Present Ann Hayball, Samuel Hayball, Jacob Walton Thomas Chandler Edwin Comstock and Eliphalet Jones.

On motion Samuel Hayball was appointed Chairman of said meeting pro,term

It was voted that Thomas Chandler and Jacob Waltonbe a Committee to draft a section to be added to the bye laws defining the Duties of the agency com and Report the same to the next meeting The Treas Report was then Recived and adopted there being 99 dollars & 77 cents in his [strikethrough] his [strikethrough end] hands A letter was read from the Griffings acknowledging the receipt of 54 dollars & 37 cents collected or donated to them for the Society in [?] at the villages of Angaler & Blackway, then adjourned to meet at S Hayballs the first Sunday in Dec next E Jones Rec Sec

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Adrian December 3d 1854 The executive Committee of M.A.S.S. met at the House of Samuel Hayball on motion Thos Chandler was chosen pres Pro Tem and Ann Hayball was chosen Sec protem members present Jacob Walton, Thos Chandler, Edwin Comstock & Saml & Ann Hayball, Treasurers monthly Report read and approved.

Then on motion Section three of Article Three in bye laws was adopoted

Then adjourned to meet at the HOuse of Saml Hayball in the city of Adrian the first Sunday in Jan next

Ann Hayball Sec pro tem

At a meeting of the M.A.S.S. met at the House of Samuel Hayball in the city of Adrian on sunday january the 7th 1855 Samuel Hayball chosen chairman pro tem members present Saml Hayball, Ann Hayball, Thos Chandler, Jacob Walton, Edwin Comstock and E Jones on motion the minuts of the last meeting were read and adopted The Treasure Report was then Received and approved

Adjourned to meet at Edwin Comstocks on the first Sunday in Feb 1855

Eliphalet Jones Recording Secretary of the M.A.S.S.

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Adrian Feb 5th 1855 The Executive Committe of the M A. S. S met at the house of Edwin Comstock, on motion Thos Chandler was chosen president pro, term & Ann Hayball was chosen Sec pro term members present; Viz Ann Hayball, Jacob Walton, Edwin Comstock , Samuel Hayball & Thomas Chandler. The minutes of last meeting read and approved. on motion Thomas Chandler was appointed Chairman pro term His Committee to preside in the absence of Cyrus Fuller, President. of the Society for the ballance of the year. Ann Hayball, Sec. pro term

Adrian March 4th 1855 The Ex Committe of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society met at the house of Samuel Hayball meeting called to order by Thos Chandler President Pro Term. members present Jacob Waltonl, Thos Chandler, Chas E. Mickley. I.H. Parker Edwin Comstock, Samuel Hayball, and Ann Hayball Secretary minutes of past meeting read and approved by adding the following ommision. That on motion Ann Hayball was chose Secreetary, pro term of this comm in the absence of Eliphalet Jones. Secretary for the ballance of the year. Treasurer monthly Report read and approved. on motion adjourned to meet at the house of Edwin Comstock on the first Sunday in April Ann Hayball Sec pro,term

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