Harriet DeGarmo Fuller Papers, 1852-1857

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Michigan Anti-Slavery Society Ledger, October 22, 1853 - January 4, 1857

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[top right] 29 [end top right] [top half of page] Sunday June 4th 1854 The Exve Com of the M.A. S.S. met at the home of Edwin Comstocks meeting called order by Samuel Hayball President. The following members present "Viz" Thos Chandler. Sarah Eggleston. M.R. Illender. William Ward Edwin Comstock. Richard Illender, and Ann Hayball Minutes of the last meeting read and approved Treasurers montly report read and accepted - Moved & carried that the treasurer be instructed to send £$48.00 to Benj. S. Jones the balance due to him for his services during the past winter

On motion adjorned to meet at the house of Samuel Haybull on the first Sunday in July next at 2 Oclock PM Ann Hayball Secretary [end top half of page]

[bottom half of page] Sundahy July 2nd 1854 The Exec Com of the M A S.S met at the house of Samule Hayballs. meeting called to order by Saml Hayball President. Tbhe following members were present "Viz" Thos Chandlker Richard Illender M.R. Illender Edwin Comstock. Jacob Walter Sarah Eggleston & Ann Hayball. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. The treasurers montly report read and accepted. moved and carried that a Com of 3 be appointed to make arrangements for convention to be held some time in Oct next Said Com Samuel Hayball. Thos Chandler and Jacob Walton. On motion adjourned to meet here on the first Sunday in August next at 2 Oclock P.M. Ann Hayball Secretary [end bottom half of page]

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The Finance Committee proceeded to take donations and pledges, to carry forward the work during the coming year. To this call the people very promptly responded. The pledges and contributions ammounting to near $400 four hundred dollars.

Afternoon Session. The Corresponding Secretary of the Michigan State Central Committee read the following Report of the doings of the committee for the past year.

Viz. -- The state central committee, in presenting their first Annual Report will confine themselves to the narration of such of their acts, in conjunction with those of the American and Western Anti-Slavery Societies as seem to come legitimately within their province, Leaving the discussion of the principles upon which those acts are based, and the means by which we design to effect the overthrow of human Slavery to be persued by others on this & other Occations We have employed no lecturers the past season, directly on our own account, but have acted in auxiliary ship to the American and Western Societies between whom and ourselves the most freindly relations exist, and who have employed in our State several of their most efficient agents. Soon after our late Convention, Giles B. Stebbins of New York, Agent of the Western Society came amongst us and spent nearly three months, Mr Stebbins visited portions of Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland and Calhoun Counties, Also most of the -- principle places in Lenawee Co, some of which were new and untried fields of labour, Attended in most cases with the most satisfactory results, both with regard to distribution of Anti Slavery Publications and the Annunciation of important truths. From the close of Mr Stebbins mission in March till within a few weeks, no labor has been bestowed in the State, other than the Earnest Faithful Blast of the Anti Slavery Bugle, to whose Circulation and support we beg leave to direct your attention, we wish to direct your attention also to the fact that the American

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and Western Anti Slavery societies have made arrangements for the more extensive and vigorous prosecution of the work the present fall than usual and that Michigan will receive its full share of their labors. Already on some of their most able and efficient agents amongst us, Sallie Holley on behalf of the American Society commenced her labors in this City the first Sunday in September. She has since visited some of the principle villages in the south & western part of the State, and also by invitation the City of Detroit, every where her efforts are spoken of in the highest terms of praise. Early in September Stephen S and A. K. Foster, Agents of the American, and James. W. Walker Agent of Western Anti Slavery Societies, held a series of meetings in this City which were attended with the most satisfactory results, Mr and Mrs Fosters have since visited Hudson, Tecumseh, Ann Arbor, Detroit and other places, holding meetings in each place, their meetings in most cases were well attended by the honest enquirer after truth and freedom. Mr. Walker too has been eminently servicable in the north western part of Ohio - where he has held a number of meetings, - attended with his usual good success, we cannot but exchange congratulations with you on the pleasure of having W. Lloyd Garrison with us at this time. Of his labors for the last few days in this and other places, it is not nescessary for us to speak, suffice it to say that they are in every way worthy of himself, these with M. R. Robinson, who has been in the State for the last two weeks are doing a work that must tend largely towards Abolitionizing the Community and hastening the overthrow of Oppressions throughout the land. For particulars in relation to the financial department of the Committee the Convention are refered to the Treasurers Report. The Gross ammount in donations and pledges, received at the last convention and

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since is $156,50 and the ladies of Adrian and Battle Creek, by their persevering industry - have contributed in goods, to the Salem Fair, to the ammount of near $119,00 more making a total of $275,50 Insignificant as this sum may appear in comparison to the magnitude of the enterprise in which we are engaged let us not be discouraged, remember that to us is intrusted the cause of the oppressed and [??] Slave,and that to him, even a cup of cold water or the widows mite given in the name of Humanity will be held in lasting rememberance.

In behalf of the M. S. C. C. Jacob Walton, Sec

The Treasurers Report was then read as follows, Treasurer of the Michigan Central Committee in account with committee

1852 Oct 17 Dr To Cash by public collection 27,66 " " Per finance Con 106,00 $133,66 Car By Cash for Hall & lighting 17.42 " " Painting bills - 8.00 " " Agents of W. A. S. S. 90.00 " " Secretary - .50 " " Cash Book - .25 $116,17 Ballance in Treasury - $ 17,49

Richard Illenden Treasurer.

M. R. Robinson from the committee appointed to inquire into. the propriety of forming a State Society, reported as follows; Resolved, that in order more effectually to advance the Anti Slavery interests in Michigan, it is expedient now to organze a State Anti Slavery Society, Auxiliary to the American Anti Slavery Society.

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15 those who vindicated it as unworthy of unlimited extentive and perpetuity; between those who believe that man was made to glorify God in his body and spirit and those who maintain that he was made for the auction black and to be owned by another as his chatter between those who regard christianity as dramatically opposed to every kind of oppressive and thou who insist that it is compatible with the traffic in slaves and the soulds of men" between those who say that government should make slaveholding a penitentiary offence and those who say that government is bound to protect slave property ; for what fellowship hath rightousness with unrighteousness? and concord hath Christ with Belial 7th Resolve That the strength of the Slave Power is not to be found in its own nature (for as it is the wickedest so in its self it is the weakest Power beneath - the sun) or in the ---- number of actual slaveholders at the South, or in southern combinations; but it exists in Northern coward-ice Servility conservation, in Northern rel-igious fellowship and cooperation- in North-ern party alliance and subserviency - in the Northern pulpit - blackening the characters of the uncompromising friends of the slave and the Northern press holding them as to public ridicule + scorn- in hatred and contempt of the free people of color and in a general lack of manhood moral principle and regard for liberty 8th Resolved That we meet here upon the Anti Slavery plat-form of broad and universal freedom and as such we know no sect or party But cordialy greet every friend of the slave However widely we may differ in our religious views Whereas in the course of the discussion which sprung up into General Assembly of the

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Sunday Nov 6th 1853

The Executive Comm. of the Michigan State Anti-Slavery Socety met at the house of Richard Illinden. Meeting called to order by Samuel Hugbull, President, Members present Mssrs. Thos Chandler, R. Illenden, J Walton, E Comstock, S Eggleston, Norman Gilbert, W Ward, M. R. Illinden, & Ann Hugbull. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. A [?] of Bye Laws was then offered by Thos Chandler containing 8 sections. Which sections was taken up seperately and adopted.

On motion a com. of 3 was appointed to make the necessary arrangements for holding Anti Slavery meetings in the city of [Autrain?]. Said commitee Woodland Owen, Samuel Hugbull and Edwin Comstock.

On montion the corresponding secs., was directed to write J. W. Walker informing him of the actions of the committee and asking him if possible as a Agent for 3 months and also to ascertain whether Mr. Philio can be engaged to accompany him.

On motion a com. of 2 was appointed by President to take with consideration the propriety of having published in pamphlets also such other documents as may be considered useful for circulation as exponents of the view of this society & report at the next meeting. Said committee Thos Chandler and Jacob Walton.

Motion to adjourn to meet at the house of Edwin Comstocks on the 1st Sunday in Dec at 2 o'clock p.m.

Ann Hugbull Sec.

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Sunday Dec. 4th 1853

The Executive Com. of the M. A. S. S. met at the hosue of Edwin Comstock. Meeting called to order by S Hugbull, Prest. Members present viz J Chandler, W Ward, J Walton, S Eggleston, E Comstock & Ann Hugbull. Minutes of preceeding read and approved. Treasurers monthy report read and accepted.

On motion the monthly report of Treasurers was refered to the Cor. Sec. to be by him prepaired for publication in the Bugle.

On motion J. W. Walker was appointed agent of the Society for 3 months.

On motion the sum of $10.00 was allowed to M. R. Robinson on account of traveling expenses incurred by attending on the late convention and that an order be drawn on Treasurer for that amount and the Cor. Sec. be directed to forward the same to him.

On motion $2.00 was allowed to Cor. Sec. for stamps and stationery and that the Sec. and Prest. procure a book for recording Sec.

Motion to adjourn to meet at the house of Samuel Hugbulls on the first Sunday in Jany. at 2 o'clock p.m.

Ann Hugbull Sec.

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as by them appears most advisable, said Com to have power to add too or fill vacancies in their number Motion to adjourn [Gene] Dee Ann Hayball Secy

Jany 1[7]th 1854 Special meeting of Exec Com of the M A. S. S held at the house of [Sand] Hayballs Meet - Called to order by [Sand] Hayball, President Members present - W Gilbert, T Chandler I Wattore, E Comstock, S Eggleston, M R [I Chandler], W Ward R Illenden [+] Ann Hayball A letter was then read by Com Sec from Exec Com of the Western Anti Slavery Society in refference to the removel of the [Bugal] from Salem to Cincinnati or Cleveland, upon which the following Resolutions were offered acceepted and Adopted. ------------ Resolved 1st that we adopt the "anti Slavery" "Bugle" as the organ of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society and that in the event wherever it is located we will give it our most hearty support Resolved 2nd That in the event - of the [ clean] removal of the Bugal we are decidely in favor of Cleveland rather than Cincinnati, and that the removal in our opinion to Cleveland should at this time be goverened by the [ funcuniary] ability of the Western Society ----------- Resolved 3rd --------- That if the Bugal is removed we will do our utmost - to bear a fair proportion of the increased expences on Motion Adjourned ------------ Ann Hayball Secy

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Jany 18th 1854 Special meeing of Exec Com of the MA.A.S, held at the house of Samuel Haybull, meeting called to order by Samuel Haybull, President, Member present----- S. Eggleston, Ann Haybull, Edwin Comstock and Thos Chandler The following Resolution was then offered, accepted and adopted, Resolved that the Cor Sec be dirrected to write in behalf of this Com, to Benj S. Jones, to lecture in Michigan during the remainder of winter. On motion adjourned Ann Haybull Secy

Feby 6th 1854 Special Meeing of the Exec Com of the M.A.S.S. held at the house of Cyrus Hullers, Plymouth, upon which Jacob Walton was appointed President Pro tem,, Members present E De Garmo, Thos Chandler H Fuller & Ann Haybull The following preamble and resolution was then Offered --- accepted and adopted Whereas we feel it highly nescesary for the interests of the Anti Slavery Cause in this state to have local agents in the various neighborhoods who shall represent the Michigan Anti Slavery Society and ____ all attend to preserving and increasing the subscription list of the Anti Slavery Bugle. Collecting the monies due thereon, make arrangements for meetings of the Agents of this society, attend to the collections of general funds and do such other labor as the Exec Com may deem it desirable for them to engage in. Therefore Resolved ----- That the following persons be appointed our Agents in the localities hereafter named---and we urge _____ them to immediately enter upon their duties and request them from time to time to report the results of their labor to his Comtee Harriet D. G. Fuller Livonia, Plymouth Issac N. Hedden and wife Plymouth Emeline De Garmo Ypsilanti

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[top right] 27 [end top right] Sunday April 2nd 1854 The Exce Com of the M.A.S.S. met at the house of Edwin Comstocks. On meeting being called to order the following members were found to be present ''Viz Edwin Comstock. Warren Gilbert. Jacob Walton. William Ward. Riched Illender, Thos Chandler Samule Hayball & Ann Hayball.

The minutes of last meeting read and approved. The treasurer then presented his monthly report which on motion was accepted &c

The following preamble and resolution was then offered, and on motion was accepted and adopted Whereas, the Agent of the American A. S. S. having laboured on pointly with those of our society at the convention held in this State during the present winter. we deem it just that the American A.S.S. should receive a proportion of the funds raised at those conventions. Therefore, Resolved that the Treasurer be directed to pay to Mrs A.K.Foster Agent of the A.A. SS the sum of Seventy five (75) Dollars for the use of said Society

On motion adjourned to meet at the home of Edwin Comstock on the first Sunday in May next at 2 Oclock. P.M. Ann Hayball Secy.

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