Harriet DeGarmo Fuller Papers, 1852-1857

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Michigan Anti-Slavery Society Ledger, October 22, 1853 - January 4, 1857

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Adrian April 1st 1855 The Exec Com of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society met at the house of Edwin Comstock. Meeting called to order by Thos Chandler Chairman Pro Tem. Members present Edwin Comstock Saml Hayball, Ann Hayball, Jacob Walton & Thos Chandler. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Treasurer month report read and accepted. Moved and carried that Mr Foss's traveling expences, be paid. On motion adjourned to meet at the house of Saml Hayball on the first Sunday in May at 2 oclock PM. Ann Hayball Sec Pro, Term

Adrian May 7th 1855 The Exec Com of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society met at the house of Samuel Hayball. Meeting called to order by Thos Chandler. Chairman Pro Tem. Minutes of last meeting read and approved members present "Viz" Jacob Walton, E. Comstock Thos Chandler & Samuel & Ann Hayball On motion adjourned to meet at E Comstock on the first Sunday in June at 2 oclock PM. Ann Hayball Sec pro tem

Adrian June 4th 1855 The Exec Com of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society met at the house of Edwin Comstock. Meeting called to order by Thos Chandler president pro tem. Members present, Thos Chandler, Jacob Walton Edwin Comstock & Saml & Ann Hayball. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. There being no buisness to transact on motion the meeting adjourned to meet at the house of Saml Hayball on the first Sunday in July at 2 oclock P.M Ann Hayball Sec pro tem

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[top right] 45m [top right end] Adrian July 1st 1855 The Exec com of the Michigan Anti Slavery Societyd met at the house of Samule Hayball: meeting called to order by Thos Chandler President Pro Term. Members present "Viz' Jacob Walton Edwin Comstock, Samul & Ann Hayball & Thos Chandler. minutes of last meeting read and Approved; a letter was read kfrom Saul I. may in answer to a letter from our Cos Sec wanting him to attend our next Anniversary. The substance of his reply was that [strikethrough] be [strikethrough end] it was next to impossble for him to attend [strikethrough] a letter was read from M R Robinson in reply to [strikethrough end] on motion adjourned to meet Sunday in August next at 2 oclock P.M Ann Hayball Secretary Per Term

Adrian Aug 5th 1855 The following members of Exce Com of Michigan Anti Slavery Society met at the house of Edwin Comstock Viz; I.R.Parker Edwin Comstock & Samuel and Ann Hayball. no business done in consequence of there not being a Quoraum present. Ann Hayball Secretery pro Term

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[top right] 42 [top right end] Second Anniversary of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society

First Day

The Second Anniversary of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society assembled at Battle Creek Oct 6th 1855. The meeting was called to order by the President. Cyrus Fuller when on motion of Thomas Chandler Marius R Robinson and Jacob Walton were appointed Secetaries Pro Term.

On motion a Business Committe was apponted by the President consiting of C.C. Burleigh S. S. Foster J.H. Phileo Harriet D.S. Fuller and Jane M. Chandler

By invitation of the President J.H. Phileo of New York addressed the meeting Mr Phileo spoke of the Society differing from all others in the superior Freedom of its platform, -and its advocacy of principle rather than expediancy

C.C. Burleigh on behalf of the Business Comm itte presented the following Resolutions

1st Resolved, That never did the cause of freedom demand more urgently than now the vigorous efforts of all lovers of truth and right for its promotion

2nd Resolved, That in the recent aggression of the Slave Power in Kansas and elsewhere we see not only the [perpetstion] of a present wrong and the menace of a near and present danger but still more a revolation of the spirit of Slavery a propnhecy of one continued series of encroachments and aggressions as long and as attrocious as the duration and strength of the Slave Power will permit; and therefore we believe that the only effectual measure of selfdefence, as well as the only full performance of our duty to the slave, is not in mearly [resuting]

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the extension of Slavery, but in earnest persistent effort for the utter overthrow of the whole Slave System

Mr. Burleigh then spoke in support of the resolutions

On motion the time for future meetings was fixed at 10 o'clock A.M and 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock P.M.

Henry C. Wright presented the following resolutions

1st Resolved That the experiance of seventy years demanstrats that Slvery can never be abolished by political action through the agency of the Fedral Government inasmuch as the first step in every movement to effect the object must be to acknowledge the constitutional right of Slavery to be represented in the Governement.

2nd Resolved That if Slavery has a emstitutional right to exist on the soil over which the Fedral Govenment hold juristriction, liberty can have no constitutional right to use that Government as a means of its overthrow and the only action left to the friend of freedom in that Government is to go on doing as they ever have done to unite with their Slaveholding allies to seek to compel Slavery and liberty to dwell together in unity

3rd Resolved, That the friends of liberty should concentrate their entire energies on the government of the non Slaveholding States as the only [underscored] Political [underscored end] instrumentality that can be made avilable against Slavery

4th Resolved, That Michigan with every Northern State owes it to her self respect, and to her expressed wish to establish justice and secure liberty at once and forever to [?] her people and her soil from the dominion of the Slaveholder whose will is now and ever has been the supreme law of the her State Government

5th Resolved That to this end we declare to the motion our fixed intent to do what in as lies

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[top right] 49 [top right end] to present any officer of this Slaveholding Government from excersising the function of his office on our soil

6th Resolved, That we believe that "resistance to tyrants is obediance to God" Therefore we will allow no fugitive Slave lawmen any law in support of Slavery to be executed within the State jurisdiction of Michigan; nor will we allow any man to be put on trial in our State on the issue; As he a freemen or a Slave a man or a chattle

7th RESolved, That we hereby cast off all allegience to a Slaveholding Government and we will do all we can to array the State of Michigan and all the Northern States in open hostility against the Fedral Government, which extends equal rights and protection to Slavery and liberty, and we do herby pledge our selves to promote the formation of a Republic on the principles of No Union with Slaveholders

Adjourned till 2 oclock P.M.

Afternoon Thomas chandler moved the appointment of a Finance Committe, consisting of the following persons, which was adopted Frances Silus, Jacob Walton & Phoebe H Mirrett On motion Aaron M Powell and M. R. Robinson were appointed to obtain Subscribers for the Anti Slavery Bugle

Jacob Walton moved the appointment of a committe of five to nominate officers of the Society for the coming year, - Thomas Chandler R.B. Mirritt harriet D. G. fuller and S.S. Foster were appointed

Henry C. Wright then took the platform in support of the resolutions offered by him in the [forenoon]

The resolutions were further discussed by Misses, Burleight Phileo and Ali Lapham after which on motion of Thomas Chandler they were referred to the Business Committe

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S. S. Foster presented the following resolution

Resolved That as Abolitionists, we do not and can not regard the Republican party as entitled to our sympathy and support, on the contrary, while we duly appreciate the honest intentions and earnest zeal of many of its members, we believe the party itself to be devoid of principle, the ally of the Slave Power and one of the most formidable obstacles to the progress of the anti slavery cause

Mr. Foster spoke in support of the above resolution, and continued his remarks, at the close of which the meeting adjourned till 7 o'clock P.M.

Evening Session Meeting Called to order by the President Aaron M. Powell spoke at som length on the position of the Republican Party, Where upon a spirited discussion arose in which Isaac G. Nott, S. J. Foster and Erastus Hussey participated — After which the Meeting adjourned

Second Day Oct, 7th Meeting convened pursuant to adjournment The President in the chair

M. R. Robinson spoke on the position of the popular churches of the country and of their influence in distroying the mor al principle and concience of the people of the north.

S. S. Foster followed in illustration of the same subject, in the cours of which he severely criticised the conduct of the Rev. Mr. Pitkin Pastor of the Pris byterian Church of Battle Creek

Henry C. Wright presented the following resolution which were refered to the Business Committee

Resolved That in the judgment of this meeting Slavery can never be abolished by a Governmental organization in which

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liberty and slavery have a common ballot-box a common judiciary, and a common executive

Resolved that no religious organization can be of any use to effect the overthrow of Slavery in which liberty and Slavery have a common communion table, a common pulpit, a common [crull?], a common worship, and a common God;

Resolved that by position and influence, the professed abolitionist who belongs to such political and religious organizations, are the worst enemies of liberty and the most efficient supporters of Slavery

Mrs. Ernestine L Rose followed in an eloquent and able speach, after which the meeting adjourned till 2 o'clock P.M.


Meeting convened according to adjournment The President in the chiair

The Secretary then read a letter from Wm Lloyd Garrison, which was ordered to be published with the proceedings of this meeting

The session was further occupied in discussion the relation of the church to Slavery, and of the nessesity of liberally contributing to the funds of the Society [& c.?] in which C. C. Burleigh, M. R. Robinson Ernestine L. Rose and S. S. Foster participated.

Dr. Moffit of Battle Creek read the following resolution

Whereas we have listened for the last twenty five years to the prayers of hypocrtss and flowery oratory of the Statesmen to abolish Slavery until words fail to produce an effect therefore

Resolved that we will turn our face to [this?] foe with bosoms, bare, and meet knife with knife, bayonet with bayonet, ready to resist - an attack, or march upon the foe nor falter, till we achieve a victory


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The substitute was accepted and unanimously adopted. After which the Meeting Adjourned Sine Die.

Cyrus Fuller President

(Jacob Nalton Recording Sec'y) (M R Robinson Assistant Sec'y)

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11, Whereas we have the [tistimony?] of Francis P. Blair, President of the Pitsburgh Convention which embodied in form the principles on which the Republicans installed their national organization, "That there was not one in that convention who looked to its action in restoring the pacification which bound the states together as a security to the states where it now exists, "And Whereas, We have no reason to question the truth of his testimony concerning the Philadelphia Convention "that nothing could be more revolting to the prevalent sense of that body than the general manumission of the slaves in the South Ana putting them on a level with the white race", therefore Resolved, In the language of the same distinguished political leader that "The Republican party abjures the idea of [intermedling] with Slavery where it exists, or interfering with it in any state which may hererafter establish it,"- "That the assumptin that the Republican is an abolition party, is an audacious libel." 12 Whereas, the end and aim of the Republican party, according to the testimony of Hon. Nathaniel P. Banks in his recent speech in New York, "Is not that we shall legislate on the question of the Fugitive slave law, or whether in the future extension of our territory slavery shall be prohibited or no. "That this is all we ask, no more no less, no better and no worse, that the spirit of the acts of 1820 and 1850 shall be made good in 1856, Thus removing a question of agitation and giving again to the country the peace it enjoyed in 1852," and

Whereas, We are assured by the same Republican leader that in the event of the success of the Republican party, "Before another year is passed, the question between the North and South will not be one of slavery, but it will be a question of the Pacific Railway and the trade of 700,000,000 of people, and

Whereas, We believe it strictly true as alos affirmed by Mr, Banks in his speech in New burgh. N.Y. Sept. 30th.- We (the Republicans) interfere with no rights of the South, we stand exactly where we have always stood in the old organization except in regard to the Missouri compromise line, and

Whereas, the old organizations have always been the faithful friends and allies of slavery, and

Whereas, We the Abolitionists "stand exactly where we have always stood" demanding justice for the Slave, therefore

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