Harriet DeGarmo Fuller Papers, 1852-1857

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Michigan Anti-Slavery Society. State Central Committee Formation and Meeting Minutes, October 16, 1852 - September 23, 1853

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Michigan State Anti Slavery Convention held at Adrian the 16th of October 1852~ The following Resolution was past unanimosly Resolved That a State Central AntiSlavery Committee of not less than sixteen, be formed, a Quorum of whome shall reside in or near Adrian, and consist of not less than seven, whose duty shall be to excercise a superintendence over the interests of the cause in this state, in auxiliaryship as far as may be with the Westerin and American Anti Slavery Societies and who shall endeavor to develope as fast as possible, the spirit of Freedom in the State by employing and encouraging suitable Agents either from abroad, or if practicable from among our own inhabitents, to travel and lecture, sell books, circulate the Anti Slavery Bugle, and other strictly anti slavery papers, and solicit funds to be expended in the promotion of the work. And it shall also be the duty of this committee, to call the next State Convention in such place, and at such time,

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within the year as they shall deem will best subserve the interests of the causeand to make suitable arrangments for holding the same-and to devise and cary into effect any plans and instrumentalities, within their power, to disseminate the princip les of uncompromising Anti Slavery, and to hasten the downfall of the southern slave system The following persons were duly chosen as said committee Viz Thomas Chandler- Adrian Thomas C Warner " Richard Illinden " Edwin Comstock " Sarah Eggleston " Grace B Bonner " Wm Ward " Ann Hayball " Jacob Hatton " Ephraim Balon Tecumech Warren Gilbert Wolf Creek Richard B Merritt Battle Creek Isaac G Mott Hickory Grove

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Phoebe H Merritt Battle Creek
Maria L. Mott Hickory Grove
Edwin Fuller Plymoth
Richard B Glasier Ann Arbor
Jacob Volland "
Maria Glasier "
Lucena Fuller Plymoth
Cyrus Fuller "
A Quorum of whom met at the residence of Warren Gilbert of Wolf Creek on thursday October 21st and organized by appointing the following naimed persons officers for the ensuing year Viz.
Thomas Chandler President
Jacob Walton jr. Secretary and
Richard Illinden Tresurer
There were present on this ocasion Messrs. Gilbert Chandler Ward Rulon Illinden and Walton and Mrs. Bonner and Mrs. Eggleston By a unanimous vote Samuel Hayball was added to committe By resolution, Thomas Chandler and Ephraim Rulon were appointed to confer with

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Mr. Giles Stebbins with regard to his plan of appreciations as an agent of Western Anti Slavery Society

The finance committee of the late Convention report they have received in cash and pleges the sum of one hundred and six dollars sixty three dollars of which being all the cash received by the committe was paid into the Tresurer and he ordered after paying the expences of Said Convention to forward the ballance as a donation to the Western Anti Slavery Society Said committe were requested to continue their cirviceses in the financial department

Resolved That the committe meet on the first Sunday in each month to transact such business as may claim its attention

The committe voted to adjourn to meet at the house of Thomas Chandler on the first Sunday in December at 10 oclock A. M.

Jacob Walton jr. Secretary

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Sunday December 5th 1852 the State Central Committe meet agreable to adjournment at the residence of Thomas Chandler and was call to order by the President - Presant Mesrrs Chandler Rulon Hayball Illinden and Walton and Mrs Bonner and Eggleston

The minuts of last meeting were read by the Secretary and adopted

The committe appointed to confer with Mr Stebbins report that they have had an interview with him and found he has been imployed by the Western Anti Slavery Society to Lecture in Michigan the ensuing winter. And in behalf of the Central Committe they gave him a word of incouragement to proceed in his destined field of labour

Resolved that the President and Secretary be authorized to call a Special meeting of this Committe at any time by request of any three of its members On motion of Mr Illinden the Secretary

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one table spoonfull common salt in a tumbler will stop the cholera if taken immediately

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Michigan Anti-Slavery Society Daybook, October 23, 1853 - April 5, 1857

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Received Adrian Oct. 27th 1855

Of Samuel Hayball the sum of 86 cents for Message to S S Foster Albion

Bryant J Cole for New York Miss Valley Teleg Co

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T. D. Jermain, PUBLISHER, AND DEALER IN PAPER CARDS, BLANKS,' ECT. EVENING EXPOSITOR, $3 00 PER ANNUM. Michigan Expositor. (WEEKLY) $1 50 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. EVERYTHING IN THE LINE OF Plain & Fancy Printing, NEATLY EXECUTED. Orders from abroad solicited, and promptly attended to.

Adrian, Sept. 23d. 1856.

Mich. A. S. Soc.


For 150 1/2 sheet bills Jn C Comstock $5.00
Rec'd Paym't T D Jermain pr Jas B Stinson

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Mich. A. S. Soc. a/c

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The Treasurer of the Michigan Anti Slavery Society respectfully submits the following Annual Report ending Oct 2d 1857


By donations and Pledges Paid $94.18
Cash from former Treasurer .94

Paid Lecturing Agents 95.60
Traveling expenses 14.56
Pledges during the year unpaid 42.50
Edwin Fuller Treasurer

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