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to present any officer of this Slaveholding Government
from excersising the function of his office on our

6th Resolved, That we believe that "resistance to tyrants
is obediance to God" Therefore we will allow no fug-
itive Slave lawmen any law in support of Slavery
to be executed within the State jurisdiction of
Michigan; nor will we allow any man to be put
on trial in our State on the issue; As he a freemen
or a Slave a man or a chattle

7th RESolved, That we hereby cast off all allegience to
a Slaveholding Government and we will do all we
can to array the State of Michigan and all the North-
ern States in open hostility against the Fedral
Government, which extends equal rights and pro-
tection to Slavery and liberty, and we do herby
pledge our selves to promote the formation of
a Republic on the principles of No Union with

Adjourned till 2 oclock P.M.

Thomas chandler moved the appointment
of a Finance Committe, consisting of the following
persons, which was adopted
Frances Silus, Jacob Walton & Phoebe H Mirrett
On motion Aaron M Powell and M. R. Robinson
were appointed to obtain Subscribers for the
Anti Slavery Bugle

Jacob Walton moved the appointment of a
committe of five to nominate officers of the
Society for the coming year, - Thomas Chandler
R.B. Mirritt harriet D. G. fuller and S.S. Foster
were appointed

Henry C. Wright then took the platform
in support of the resolutions offered by him
in the [forenoon]

The resolutions were further discussed by Misses,
Burleight Phileo and Ali Lapham after which
on motion of Thomas Chandler they were
referred to the Business Committe

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