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the extension of Slavery, but in earnest persistent
effort for the utter overthrow of the whole Slave

Mr. Burleigh then spoke in support of the resolutions

On motion the time for future meetings
was fixed at 10 o'clock A.M and 2 o'clock
and 7 o'clock P.M.

Henry C. Wright presented the following

1st Resolved That the experiance of seventy years
demanstrats that Slvery can never be abolished
by political action through the agency of the
Fedral Government inasmuch as the first step
in every movement to effect the object must
be to acknowledge the constitutional right of
Slavery to be represented in the Governement.

2nd Resolved That if Slavery has a emstitutional
right to exist on the soil over which the
Fedral Govenment hold juristriction, liberty
can have no constitutional right to use that
Government as a means of its overthrow and the
only action left to the friend of freedom in
that Government is to go on doing as they ever
have done to unite with their Slaveholding
allies to seek to compel Slavery and liberty
to dwell together in unity

3rd Resolved, That the friends of liberty should con-
centrate their entire energies on the government
of the non Slaveholding States as the only
[underscored] Political [underscored end] instrumentality that can be made
avilable against Slavery

4th Resolved, That Michigan with every Northern
State owes it to her self respect, and to her
expressed wish to establish justice and secure
liberty at once and forever to [?] her people and
her soil from the dominion of the Slaveholder
whose will is now and ever has been the
supreme law of the her State Government

5th Resolved That to this end we declare to the
motion our fixed intent to do what in as lies

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