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Second Anniversary of the
Michigan Anti Slavery Society

First Day

The Second Anniversary of the Michigan Anti
Slavery Society assembled at Battle Creek
Oct 6th 1855. The meeting was called to order
by the President. Cyrus Fuller when on motion
of Thomas Chandler Marius R Robinson and
Jacob Walton were appointed Secetaries Pro Term.

On motion a Business Committe was
apponted by the President consiting of C.C.
Burleigh S. S. Foster J.H. Phileo Harriet D.S. Fuller
and Jane M. Chandler

By invitation of the President J.H.
Phileo of New York addressed the meeting
Mr Phileo spoke of the Society differing from
all others in the superior Freedom of its platform,
-and its advocacy of principle rather than ex-

C.C. Burleigh on behalf of the Business Comm
itte presented the following Resolutions

1st Resolved, That never did the cause of freedom
demand more urgently than now the vigorous
efforts of all lovers of truth and right for
its promotion

2nd Resolved, That in the recent aggression of the
Slave Power in Kansas and elsewhere we see
not only the [perpetstion] of a present wrong
and the menace of a near and present danger
but still more a revolation of the spirit
of Slavery a propnhecy of one continued series
of encroachments and aggressions as long and as
attrocious as the duration and strength of the
Slave Power will permit; and therefore we be-
lieve that the only effectual measure of self-
defence, as well as the only full performance
of our duty to the slave, is not in mearly [resuting]

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