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Sunday December 5th 1852 the
State Central Committe meet agreable
to adjournment at the residence of
Thomas Chandler and was call to order
by the President - Presant
Mesrrs Chandler Rulon Hayball
Illinden and Walton and Mrs Bonner
and Eggleston

The minuts of last meeting were read
by the Secretary and adopted

The committe appointed to confer with
Mr Stebbins report that they have had
an interview with him and found he has
been imployed by the Western Anti
Slavery Society to Lecture in Michigan
the ensuing winter. And in behalf of
the Central Committe they gave him a
word of incouragement to proceed in his
destined field of labour

Resolved that the President and Secretary
be authorized to call a Special meeting
of this Committe at any time by
request of any three of its members
On motion of Mr Illinden the Secretary

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